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I'm Valerie. I'm a confused teen currently obsessed with math. As in obsessed, want to be the best in the nation type. Like I want to get to MOP. Or IMO, which isn't gonna happen haha.

I'm younger than I seem to be yet older than I hope to be. In other words, I'm kinda undecided on my age. :)
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If you want to email me, tough luck. Sorry. BUT YOU CAN KIK ME AT torquoiseworld. So get a kik. or get on yo kik.

And as a sidenote, I'm not a goth or a ballerina. Although I kinda wish I was both.

So hey. I'm Valerie, the undeniably classy and cool acquaintance you know you want to have (in my dreams). So let's be friends.

You're still reading this? I LOVE YOU haha. Honestly, I do. Friend me on Goodreads. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME BE ALONE.

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