Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chrome Apps

AKA how I customized my Chrome experience so much that it's completely Valerie-fied.

1. AdBlock
This extension isn't particularly unique, but it is lifechanging. Basically all ads are gone- Youtube ads, my blog's ads (LOL), ads on AOL....

Never again will you be distracted by that Amazon ad.

2. Disconnect
Fact: Valerie is super paranoid when it comes to the internet. I've tried to stop my internet provider from tracking my ISP address and my browsing history. Unfortunately, that feat has not been completed. However, I've accomplished a different mission, to stop websites and companies from tracking me. Hey Disconnect, thank you so much!

3. Ghostery
This app does what Disconnect does except that you can actually see the companies tracking you. There's also an automatic setting that automatically disables tracking.

My parents would call using two extensions for the same thing overkill, but I call it being cautious.

4. Google Dictionary
One of those convenient things so you'll always have a dictionary without opening a new tab.

5. HTTPS Everywhere
For security purposes.

6. Invisible Hand
Make sure you have the best deals on the internet!

7. Momentum
My new tabs always say "Good morning, Valerie." It's so pretty and clean.
MOMENTUM, I LOVE YOU. Momentum= mv.

8. Pocket
Save all your favorite websites for later!

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