Monday, September 16, 2013

Stop Binge Eating NOW

Sugar makes me feel so, so disgusted. Honestly.

I eat even a half cup of ice cream, and all turns to chaos. Three hours later, I have the worst cramp in all man and woman kind. It's so, so great that I know what my problem is.

I'm eating the so-called paleo way because that's the only way that keeps me full and energized and happy and good. It's keeps me from binging too.

I've been binge-free for two weeks or so. Do you know how good that feels? It's a marvelous feeling to have, to not worry about when your next binge will be, to not worry about food at all.


I was an anorexic, which means I thought about food. I was a binge eater, which means I thought about food.

I'm now free of everything, and I feel good.

Searching up "how to stop binging" doesn't work for me. I've searched it up at least twenty times. You know what truly works?

Just not thinking about it. Not having so much spare time to think about food.

Getting busy. Getting work. Stressing, for me, makes me lose my urge to binge. That's not to say stress is a good thing in any way, but it does help you stop binging.

Binge eating is terrible. For me, it was mainly driven by sugar and more sugar and more sugar. However, even when I do have sugar, it just makes me stop wanting it for quite some time.

I don't have to worry about binge eating on that too.

Life is okay again, at least for this period of time.

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