Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Word of advice: Get braces in elementary school or sixth grade. CAUSE THEY HURT MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

You have to walk around and create memories with this device/ head gear/ torture.
You have to stare at your friends with perfect teeth aka no braces.
You have to think about your mistake in not getting braces early.

Brush your teeth every time you eat.
Flossing is complicated.
They hurt. Your teeth are sore.
Sorry, no raw apples for you unless you don't listen to your orthodontist like me.

And there goes my love for perfect teeth....

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Naomi Rawlings said...

I also suggest not letting anyone take a picture of you smiling EVER. Those pictures will come back to haunt you (especially for a graduation open house or bridal shower). Just another word of warning. :-)

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