Tuesday, September 3, 2013


  • don't be in love with someone else (from Taylor Swift's Enchanted)
  • don't have somebody waiting on you (Enchanted again)
  • don't be crazy like me haha
  • get Google Chrome 
  • don't go to buffets
  • be happy
  • listen to good music
  • watch City of Bones
  • make the best melted cheese ever
  • go to Costco and get a membership
  • Do Blogilates and get the Blogilates app
  • email me at agothicballerina@gmail.com
  • love yourself
  • read this blog haha....
  • read a book, any book
  • get a Goodreads account
  • like my rainbow of colors that I did with the link

Blogilates September Calendar

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