Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What I Spend My Time On

Physics is a vortex of uncontrollable fear and confusion. I'm saying this as a brand new physicist taking an AP course on physics with calculus. I'm saying this as a girl who hasn't fully learned how to do derivatives and who can't do integration for her life. I'm saying this as a high school student with a partially existent social life.

As a math girl, this should be easy. EASY? I can't get any of these problems correct. I put in 2 hours a day. I try so hard to do all these problems (well kind of). I'm putting my heart and my soul into this single class, and I don't know if it's paying off.

Am I getting projectile motion and all the other junk that I'm learning? Yes, after I put in seemingly infinite time each night.

I can't ever seem to get the correct answer though. I'm just blindly plugging in formulas and trying to round with significant digits. Sounds familiar, anyone?
Don't even get me started on vectors. I suck so badly at vectors; it's absolutely ridiculous. I can't separate the x and y components at all.

Physics is math for the scientist with brains twice the size of mine.

Moral of the story: Don't do physics if you can avoid.

All in all, physics isn't too bad. It's just a new perspective.

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