Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey Jude

The Beatles are the bomb.

Like they make me happy in ways that Taylor Swift can't.

Man, I wish I were about 40 years older so I could have lived in the Beatles era. I mean honestly, they ROCK.

You know what the definition of rock music is? Anything that has been influenced by the Beatles. No seriously. I was at this lecture on the history of rock and roll and that's what the guy said. He was probably the first dude at Juilliard to listen to rock music and be a piano major at the same time. That's called SKILL.

But Hey Jude, Here Comes the Sun.

You want to watch it with me? Turns out Jude was actually Julian, John Lennon's son. But of course no one else cares about it as much as I do.

Here Comes Valerie, not dressed in white. Man, I forget the rest of Here Comes the Bride.

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