Friday, August 9, 2013

Here's to you, Taylor Swift

I secretly loved you five years ago when you weren't cool. 

Okay, maybe love is too strong of a word for knowing some of the lyrics to You Belong with Me and watching your videos. However, keep into consideration that I was young(er). Know that I thought you as a role model.

I knew all the lyrics to Speak Now, to Love Story, to Mine. I was a Swiftie. I sang along to every song on the radio! I knew your height!

Then enter Red. I was do hyped about it. Until I actually listened to it that is. I hated it. We are Never Getting Back Together?
Major ew moment for me! And I knew You were trouble? Way worse?

Where was the country girl Taylor that I knew? And why was this parody person taking her place? And you changed your looks! GASP. 

It was as out of place as this suitcase.

So I didn't listen to you.

Meanwhile, all the girls at school started going to your concerts? Red anyone? Yeah! Taylor Swift is just too good! I know all her songs!


I knew about Ed Sheeran before he was mainstream, and now you're telling me he had a duet with Taylor?

I'm not that behind...

Until the Everything has Changed music video came out.

Everything in my life was changing. And here was a song that made me happy. I missed you so much Taylor. Especially the little kiddy songs that made me smile.

Taylor, you shouldn't be angry. I don't think it suits you.

I listened to the rest of your album. I love All Too Well. And don't worry, I didn't search up "why is Taylor Swift too tall" or "how many guys has Taylor Sift dated" or anything. I'm too loyal to do that. Haha.

But I still can't listen to the singles on your album. Give me The Moment I Knew instead.

Here's to you, Taylor Swift.

(Does anyone recognize the book title reference I made? It's Here's to you, Rachel Robinson by Judy Blume)

And I'm getting to understand your boy drama... although not on your level. Maybe in another life...

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