Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey, I do Math

No, I'm not your average math lover.

I'm your trying to be Olympiad level math girl here.

Confused? Good.

Let me explain. Olympiad level problems are crazy hard. As in circumcenters, isogonal angles, homothety, inversion and stuff like that for the geometry. Barycentric coordinates and trig-bashing guys and girls! Confused yet? Sorry. Even I can't do it.

I never could. And I'm trying to learn it.

Now let's move on to combinatorics.

Lots of graph theory and stuff I don't know.

As for algebra? I'm not too sure.

For number theory, there's a TON of Chinese Remainder Theorem, Wilson's Theorem and so on.

Peeps, y'all want to help? I'd appreciate it.

Just let me borrow some of your brains haha.

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