Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dear Me,

Sometimes I wonder if my parents actually care because if they do, they sure do a terrible job of showing it.


I could be ana and they wouldn't notice a thing. I'm not kidding here. They don't notice whenever I skip meals or ANYTHING. I could get through the whole day and not eat until dinner. And they don't notice.

I'm tired.

I want my life to officially start.

Will the real Valerie please stand up? Please tell me she's cool and beautiful and sophisticated and not awkward or introverted. I hope she's happier than I am now.

Will her real parents please stand up too? Please tell me they're amazing.

And will her life officially start? She doesn't want to be like this.

I'm crying as I write this. And of course, no one notices.

I could put all the help pleas in the world on here, and no one would notice. I have put so many on here, and no one freaking does a thing. Where is everyone?

Please. Help.

Dear Me,

You've got a ton of issues.



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