Monday, August 26, 2013

Being A Selective Vegan

I'm a selective vegan. Which means I'm a part-time vegan, part-time carnivore.

Which means whenever I eat something that qualifies as vegan (yes bananas, apples, rice, grains, tofu...) I'm a vegan. And if I eat meat or cheese or eggs? Hello carnivorous life!

So hey. I'm a selective vegan.

And don't laugh.

And don't say "Valerie, stop dreaming!"

Oh no... I'm doing.

With selective veganism.

Aka Valerie's average diet.

So hey, you want some vegan food? Come here, to the dark side. We've got some awesome smoothies made with almond milk. Carrie Underwood can drink them too!


Anonymous said...

Delicious vegan food is one reason why the number of vegans has doubled in less than 3 years. Here's a video to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice:

21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Valerie said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I didn't know that veganism had all those benefits! I would love to learn more. I really liked the youtube video. Thanks for linking!

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