Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Hahahahaha. Hehehehe. Laugh disguised as a cough. Uncontrollable giggling. Honking laughs. Airy laughs. Wicked cackles. Honking chuckles. I don't care how you word it, but basically, I was dying from laughter with this book. Why? It's not really funny, but it's CHEESY.
So... I'm kind of unsure, but 2.75 out of 5 stars.

Wings, by Aprilynne Pike
Unfortunately out
2.75 out of 5 stars
Summary from Goodreads:Laurel was mesmerized, staring at the pale things with wide eyes. They were terrifyingly beautiful—too beautiful for words.

Laurel turned to the mirror again, her eyes on the hovering petals that floated beside her head. They looked almost like wings.

In this extraordinary tale of magic and intrigue, romance and danger, everything you thought you knew about faeries will be changed forever.

Yes everything I thought I knew about faeries changed forever. Now I'm haunted by people who can't eat meat or eggs that have a flower on their back. Oh, and did I mention that they don't have a heartbeat? Or that they breathe carbon dioxide? And not to mention that a faerie's skin color is determined by what they eat? Apparently not. I can take cheesiness to a point. But this book has crossed that line. To... eternally cheesy and immature!

Gag me and bind me to death. This plot was utterly disgusting. No offense or anything, but it was just boring. No huge curveballs or twists. Nothing that great. It's pretty guessable and totally not fun. I mean, what is wrong with this plot? A YA book or any other book is supposed to have a twisted, surprising plot. But this book has failed the plot test. And any other test plot-related.

Agh! And Lauren, what a weak main character. She's clingy and boring and just, ugh, such a Bella Swan! She reeks of weakness, which is probably the worst thing to reek of. I really don't like how she questions past decisions and just is unsure of everything. Go to a counselor and get your self-esteem checked! What are you waiting for?

This love triangle is not a love triangle. It's choosing the best out of two boys who are both annoying. So Lauren, just hurry up and ditch them both! They're not worth it! Oh, and I give you full permission to, as long as you ditch them both NOW!!!!

Oh, and I mean it too.

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